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Black jade cabochon


Black jade cabochon

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This jet Black jade cabochon was donated by Larry Bidwell and measures 30mm x 40mm. Black Jade is a general term used to describe both Nephrite Jade and Jadeite. Nephrite Jade is a calcium magnesium silicate and Jadeite is sodium aluminum silicate. The jet-black color of either type of these stone comes from the inclusion of fine pieces of black hornblende, graphite or iron oxide. This black jade cabochon is polished and convex-cut on one side and flat on the other, giving it a “domed” appearance that highlights its rich darkness. Ready for wire wrapping, setting, jewelry-making, or other lapidary or craft uses. 

100% of the proceeds from your purchase will be used to fund the Bidwell Gem & Mineral Museum. All shop items were donated by members of the Glendora Gems Lapidary Club.

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