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Sodalite and Septarian Nodule slab


Sodalite and Septarian Nodule slabs

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Sodalite rough slab and septarian nodule rough slab. Sodalite is an opaque gemstone widely popular for its royal blue shades and white streaks. Septarian nodules began their life 50 to 70 million years ago as sedimentary slime at the bottom of a Cretaceous Sea when sediment composed of decomposing plants and animals formed into balls. The mineral calcite creates the yellow center, aragonite the brown lines, and limestone the outer grey rock is Limestone. Septarian nodules are also referred to as “dragon eggs”. The sodalite slab measures 11cm X 9cm and the septarian nodule slab measures 9cm X 9cm. Both slabs were donated by the Glendora Lapidary club.

100% of the proceeds from your purchase will be used to fund the Bidwell Gem & Mineral Museum. All shop items were donated by members of the Glendora Gems Lapidary Club.

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